7 Best Restaurants in Chatham, MA

Looking for the best restaurants in Chatham, MA? Whether you want casual dining or an elegant seafood dinner, we’ve found the best of the best for you in this charming Cape Cod town.

Chatham is one of our favorite Cape Cod towns. It’s cute, charming, and everything you likely envision when you think “Cape Cod”. Plus, the downtown is walkable which is ideal for exploring and wandering. Not to mention beaches on both the Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

There are a large variety of restaurants in Chatham, MA and, as you may expect, many of them serve up seafood – and lots of it!

Not a seafood fan? No worries – there are options for you too.

Here are our favorite restaurants in Chatham, across all cuisines and price ranges.

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Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar

513 Main St, Chatham, MA // (508) 348-1573


While Cape Cod and Chatham Restaurants generally focus on traditional American and New England inspired seafood fare, there are still plenty of unique restaurants on offer. A very popular restaurant located in the heart of Chatham is Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar. It is just across the street from the Wild Goose Tavern on Main Street and is one of the favorite restaurants for Chatham and Cape locals alike.

Once inside, expect a sophisticated wine list where you’ll be sure to find something to pair with the fine dining on offer. As the name suggests, Bluefins is a great place to get seafood with loads of Thai, Korean and Japanese inspired options. It’s also ideal for special occasions and date nights.

What to get at Bluefins: The Chatham Pad Thai is absolutely delicious. On top of the usual pad thai (locally sourced) ingredients, diners can customize it with their choice of meat or fish protein. The Coriander Crusted Tuna is amazing. Expect bright and thick slabs of tuna that melt in your mouth. Of course, any talk of Bluefins must involve some sushi too. The Caterpillar roll is a great option for vegetarians. There are some fantastic spicy options on the sushi menu too. Be brave and try the Volcano roll!

Beach House Grill (Chatham Bars Inn)

297 Shore Road Chatham, MA // (508) 945-0096


Located within the prestigious Chatham Bars Inn is the Beach House Grill. This seasonal restaurant is home to a menu unlike anywhere in Cape Cod and has arguably the best patio. It’s THE place to be seen during the summer; just be prepared to pay for it too. The Beach House is truly al fresco dining with seaside views at its finest. Anywhere!

Expect an airy, posh atmosphere upon entering the Beach House. It has a massive dining area, but it is still tricky to snag a reservation here as not only are you competing with hotel guests, but many of the Cape’s seasonal visitors. The Beach House closes for the winter months, so if you are fortunate to get a table in the summer, relax and soak in the atmosphere!

What to get at the Beach House: Being at the Beach house for a clambake evening is truly a wonderful experience. The atmosphere on these nights is unforgettable and the dinner is filled with freshly caught seafood that is cooked right in front of you. The cocktails and drinks will flow well into the night, and to top it off there is a dessert selection provided (ice cream included), as well as a s’mores kit for guests to enjoy. On other nights, it will be hard to pass up on a Lobster Roll here. It’s literally overflowing with meat! The breakfast burritos also make for a great way to start the day before enjoying the beach, and are even better when delivered to your room after a big night.

Del Mar Bar & Bistro

907 Main St, Chatham, MA // (508) 945-9988


Del Mar Bar & Bistro is located a little further east up Chatham’s Main Street, away from the foot traffic further down. Del Mar is a popular spot that is traditionally styled and known for live jazz music on warm summer evenings. While there is plenty of seafood options available on the menu, Del Mar is well regarded for its amazing thin crust pizzas.

The kitchen is always kept busy here as the food is exceptional and there is something on the menu for everyone. Enjoy a comfy booth with family or friends or saddle up to the full bar if you are solo dining. Make sure you study the Specials Board and Wine List at Del Mar, as they are extensive, to say the least.

What to get at Del Mar Bar: The Fig and Prosciutto Pizza is one of the great surprises on the Pizza section of Del Mar’s menu. This mozzarella and goat cheese-based pizza has a balsamic fig puree drizzle on it, and slivered almonds. It’s unique and delicious! The Salmon Quinoa Bowl is popular with regular guests and makes for a perfect lunch menu item. The lemon tahini yogurt really brightens up this dish. For seafood enthusiasts, the Portuguese Steamed Littlenecks make for a different spin on this local favorite.

Hangar B Eatery

240 George Ryder Rd, Chatham, MA // (508) 593-3655


If you happen to be waiting for a flight or just got off one, you might stumble across the Hangar B Eatery. Chatham Municipal Airport is quite busy in the summer months, and locals and travelers alike will tell you that Hangar B makes their flights much more enjoyable. You’ll find much better food here than you’d expect at any other airport!

Here you can get a gourmet styled breakfast packed with local ingredients. The dining area of Hangar B is simple yet comfortable, and there is plenty of room for diners to enjoy breakfast and brunch. The walls often have local artwork on them, and you get a good view of the runway too.

What to get at Hangar B: Hangar B is one of the best places for breakfast on the Cape. The Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are mouthwatering and come drizzled in Vermont Maple Syrup and a serving of fresh berries. The Mushroom and Arugula omelette is a great light-eating option if you worry about your stomach on the plane ride. It comes with Vermont aged cheddar and Crimini mushrooms. For those with a sweet tooth at breakfast, look no further than the Challah Bread Pudding French Toast.

Impudent Oyster

15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA // (508) 945-3545


When it comes to Chatham eating institutions, it’s hard to look past Impudent Oyster. This bustling bar and restaurant is located within a former church on Main Street and caters to the diner who isn’t worried about prices.

While not as bustling as The Chatham Squire, Impudent Oyster always attracts a crowd. They love the traditional menu, well-mixed drinks, and unique interior. Diners will notice the exposed rafters and stained-glass windows left over from the building’s days as a church.

What to get at Imprudent Oyster: It should go without saying that this is a perfect place to get an oyster fix. If you’re so inclined, a dozen of something local with a martini can make for an unforgettable lunch. At dinner time, the Swordfish Picatta is an incredible food experience. The mustard and panko crusted filet is drizzled in a lemon caper butter sauce that compliments the delicate taste of the swordfish perfectly. A Chatham Lobster is also hard to pass up at Impudent Oyster also. You may also get it stuffed.

Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster

1291 Main Street Route, 28, Chatham, MA // (508) 945-1173


Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster is a local favorite and quite likely has the most comprehensive fresh fish and seafood menu in Chatham. Because of that, it is hectic throughout the day but there is quite a large seating area as well as comfortable outdoor seating to accommodate the rush. It’s a family friendly joint that has everything from traditional favorites to other dishes inspired by the seafood traditions of Asia and Mexico.

The interior of Mac’s is very laid back, with benches making them perfect for larger groups. The raw bar here is one of the best in the area and will have oysters from all over the Cape and islands. Don’t wear your Sunday bests at Mac’s. Come in casually and ready to eat and get a little messy with all the good food this area is known for.

What to get at Mac’s: Where to start with Mac’s menu is difficult, because everything on it is a delicious meal. Slurping up dozens and dozens of oysters is a great way to start. The Native Steamer Clams can be a polarizing food for even the most seasoned seafood eaters, but if you like clams served like this, you’ll be in heaven. Just rinse ‘em and dip ‘em! The Ceviche is fantastic at Mac’s also, with the chef constantly rotating the fish choice in it. Finally, vegetarian diners rave about the Beet Poke as it comes with seaweed salad, rice and a rather unique shoyu dressing.

The Chatham Squire

487 Main St, Chatham, MA // (508) 945-0945


The Chatham Squire is not only one of the best restaurants on Cape Cod, it’s also an incredible late-night spot and one could argue is the most famous bar on the Cape. Expect a mix of local old salts, families, and young folks all at once enjoying their favorite beverages in a relatively rustic, yet eclectic environment. The Squire is a local favorite all year. When visiting, see if you can find your state or country’s license plate hanging from the ceiling!

In the summertime, it can feel like half the east coast is in the Squire or trying to get into the Squire. Located on the Main Street of Chatham, smart diners get in before the rush or after the rush to stake out a spot into the evening. There are four areas of the Squire to enjoy. The Front and Back Bars, main dining room and new outdoor patio area. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop across the street, as the Squire has some of the best bar merch you’re ever likely to find!

What to get at The Chatham Squire: There are several fresh seafood options to enjoy here, as well as fried bar food favorites. Everything on the menu makes for a delicious meal, but you will likely see many folks digging into the Fish Sandwich. It’s simple and not drowned in sauce, with the fish being flaky and fluffy, but never oily. Don’t skip the Clam Chowder either at the Squire. It’s deliciously creamy and often has a slight grittiness to it from the fresh clams. There are plenty of local beers to try and the cocktails are typically inspired by the surrounding area.

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