7 Best Restaurants in Woods Hole, MA

These 7 Best Restaurants in Woods Hole, MA are the perfect place to grab a meal before heading to Martha’s Vineyard or a quick bite while exploring all Woods Hole has to offer.

A view of woods hole from the water

If you’re taking the Steamship Authority ferry, you’ll be passing through Woods Hole on the way but this small village in Falmouth has so much more to offer. Visit the aquarium, the Oceanographic Institute, and the beautiful Nobska Beach, then head to one of these great Woods Hole restaurants. You won’t be disappointed!

Water Street Kitchen

56 Water St., Woods Hole, MA // (508) 540-5656

At Water Street Kitchen they say that “Food is Love”, and they really embrace that motto here. Diners can expect dishes filled with fresh, local ingredients on an ever-rotating seasonal menu. Whilst Water Street Kitchen has many classic New England favorites, diners can expect some global twists on them. This is one of the best restaurants on the Cape but only opens in the evenings, year-round.

Don’t let the traditional façade fool you upon arrival. Water Street Kitchen is anything but stuffy or old school. Guests will find a vibrant atmosphere, excited diners, a fun bar area and a bustling kitchen creating some of the best food on the Cape. The space is eclectic and contemporary, yet full of traditional Cape motifs and features.

What to get at Water Street Kitchen: This section could go on forever. It’s such a great place for foodies. Small plates are popular here, so bounce around the menu to experience as much as you can. The Bluefish Pate is wonderful and when spread over some homemade garlic bread, you’ll be in heaven! In summertime, the Watermelon Salad is delightfully refreshing and comes with pickled rhubarb, fennel, and almonds, making it a great vegetarian option. One small plate to try is the Spicy Kimchi Pancake. It’s a truly unique dish!

Quicks Hole Taqueria

6 Ludscombe Ave., Woods Hole, MA // (508) 495-0792

Quicks Hole Taqueria is the sister restaurant to the evergreen Upper Cape legend Quicks Hole Tavern of the same name. But more on that spot later. Quicks Hole Taqueria is a great food venue, often with live music, filled with young locals and visitors getting their fix of Baja, California inspired cuisine, all the way up here in Cape Cod. The Mexican fare here is top notch and perfect for those having a busy day on the water, biking up and down the Cape or getting some food before jumping on the ferry to the Vineyard.

Quicks Hole Taqueria recently ‘re-concepted’ their interior to give it a more authentic taqueria vibe. So, expect bright colors, picnic tables and open seating if you want to dine in. There is an assortment of tables and chairs to use outdoors though, and they are very hard to pass up during a warm summer day.

What to get at Quicks Hole Taqueria: It’s hard to not have the Lobster Taco here. They are after all the originators! The Blackened Swordfish taco is delicious too. For a Cajun take on seafood with a Hawaiian twist, get the Coconut Shrimp Roll. Think a po’boy with an islands twist! Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas and Baja Bowls (like an open burrito dish) are also on the menu here, and vegetarians are more than looked after at Quicks Hole Taqueria, with plenty of fire roasted veggie concoctions to try

Captain Kidd Restaurant and Bar

77 Water St., Woods Hole, MA // (508) 548-8563

Captain Kidd is a year-round seafood-centric spot and breakfast inn that has a hopping bar and charming views of nearby Eel Pond. Captain Kidd is located just off the Water Street bridge and next door to the Woods Hole Market, in the heart of town. Inside you’ll find a nautical themed dining area and bar, full of dark hardwood flooring, low ceilings, boat lantern lighting and stone fireplaces.

The main bar area at Captain Kidd is outstanding. Its faux vintage Irish Bar design will transport imbibers back to a traditional setting in the early part of last century. The alfresco paintings behind the bar are reminiscent of the tales of Robinson Crusoe, while the bar is very well stocked with wine and spirits from around the globe, as well as an extensive and ever-rotating collection of local craft beers, including Cape Cod Beer.

What to get at Captain Kidd Restaurant and Bar: The menu at Captain Kidd is not extensive but does a good job at covering all the bases. The Crispy Cod Sandwich is one of the great fish sandwiches you’ll find on the Cape. Vegetarians will love the Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich on a tasty focaccia. To experience a true Cape favorite, order the Stuffed Quahog or a clam chowder. A “Stuffy” is a giant hard-shell clam stuffed with linguica sausage, drawn butter and lemon. Beware though – it’s much more filling than you think!

Quicks Hole Tavern

29 Railroad Ave., Woods Hole, MA // (508) 495-0048

Quicks Hole Tavern, located in the building behind the taqueria is a giant gastropub that is loved by locals and visitors alike. The menu here is farm-to-table, so the food is fresh, local and downright amazing. There are great views all throughout Quicks Hole, and the 3rd floor area makes for a perfect event venue.

The food and drink here are excellent. The menu is very much in the New American category with plenty of seafood options as well as pub fare. The staff are friendly and numerous during the summer months as this is always a popular spot with people recovering from the ferry ride back from the Vineyard.

What to get at Quicks Hole Tavern: The Short Rib Cavatappi Pasta is delightful here. It is adorned with cherry and mushrooms, so it has a richness without the guilt. The Salmon is popular at Quicks Hole too as it is drizzled with a unique blood orange glaze. If you are with a large group, the cheese platters are an excellent option to graze on while the drinks and conversation are flowing.

Jimmy’s Classic Eats

22 Ludscombe Ave., Woods Hole, MA // (508) 540-6823

If you’re waiting for your ferry to Martha’s Vineyard or are hungry waiting in line for tickets at the Steamship Authority Ticket Office, just walk across the street to find Jimmy’s Classic Eats. This small, unassuming spot is great for the quick lunch crowd who need to take food to go.

The sign out front says that Jimmy’s is a Sandwich and Ice Cream shop, and while they serve both there’s plenty of other menu items that are mouthwatering and filling. There is a modest indoor eating area if you have the time for dining in too. If you have kids accompanying you, then you are in luck with Jimmy’s!

What to get at Jimmy’s: Donuts, hot dogs and ice cream are plentiful here. So, if you like to have dessert lunches Jimmy’s has something for you. The Donut Breakfast Sandwich may sound like a lot but is totally worth it for your Cheat Day. The Lobster Roll is packed with the good stuff here too. For vegetarians, Jimmy hasn’t forgotten you as his Veggie Burger comes with unique ingredients like sweet potato and sriracha aioli.

Landfall Restaurant

9 Ludscombe Ave., Woods Hole, MA // (508) 548-1758

If you take just a short stroll North from the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Terminal, you’ll stumble across the Landfall. This iconic restaurant is looking forward to its 78th season this summer, so diners can be assured of not only high quality food, but outstanding Cape Cod hospitality. One thing is for certain about this spot, dining at Landfall is a great way to round off a day on the Vineyard.

This waterfront deck restaurant has a spacious dining room, full bar with spectacular views. Whilst eating outside in the summer on the Cape is almost mandatory, the interior of the Landfall is a must see. The wood used to construct the restaurant is from several shipwrecks and siding from old buildings on the Cape and Islands. It provides a warm, intimate feeling (especially if you can snag a seat near the cathedral style window) you won’t easily find anywhere else in the country.

What to get at Landfall: There are plenty of food options to get into here, but what must be mentioned first is the cocktail menu. It is extensive, creative and filled with iconic New England flavors. Bottoms up! In terms of food, expect more of a ‘proper’ dining experience as opposed to a casual one at Landfall. A straight up Boiled Live Lobster is extremely well priced here, and weighs in at a whopping 1.5 lbs. The Lobster Pie Casserole is a great way to have lobster if you like yours baked. The Landfall likes to have some dishes with a Cajun fusion twist, so if that sounds good to you, you’re in luck here!

Shuckers World Famous Raw Oysters Bar & Café

91 Water St., Woods Hole, MA // (508) 540-3850

When it comes to favorite waterfront restaurants it’s hard to look over Cape Cod. The whole region is literally filled to the brim with some of the most iconic views with fresh seafood to match. Locals and visitors hopping on or off the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard will often stop at Shuckers, especially if they need to prepare their sea legs.

Grabbing a highly sought-after dockside table is rewarded by pleasant views of boats coming and going, the adjacent woods and some of the best local seafood. As the name suggests, Shuckers has a bountiful raw bar filled with some of the best oysters on the East Coast. Inside, diners can expect a bustling, casual atmosphere with plenty of seafood favorites even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy.

What to get at Shuckers: Oysters are of course very high on diners’ lists when coming to Shuckers. You’ll likely find Katama Bay oysters from Martha’s Vineyard and they are a small cup oyster with a deep shell and sweet finish. Getting a Shuckers Sampler provides a great crash course in Cape Cod seafood as it comes with an array of oysters, shrimp, cherry stone and little neck clams. There are of course plenty of fried favorites on the menu, but for the more health-conscious diner, give the Stuffed Avocado a try. It comes with juicy lobster and a fine drizzle of cilantro lime aioli.

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